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  1. Thanks @elmoputney I mainly used 15mm pineapple boilies on the the bottom. Never tried pop ups on there will deffo give them a try. Again thanks so much. Took a walk round colwick this morning to try see some showing but no joy. Going to keep taking trips and talking to the Angler’s on there 🤞🤞
  2. Hi all 👋 I’m always on here reading & gaining knowledge so I think it was time to make an account. Even though I’ve been carp fishing for about 3/4 years Theres so much more to know & learn. I’m From Nottingham and mainly fish hacketts lake with good success Pb being 15lb & always get into the fish on most sessions there. Dose anybody know this lake and maybe know what the Biggest fish in there is? The bailiff told me there’s a 30lb mirror but who knows right 🤔 Dose anybody know of anybody having a 20/30 out of there?? Really want to get to the 20lb club myself 😂 Also I’ve been thinking of giving colwick park a couple of nights.. again dose anybody know of the stock in there? Think il be well out my comfort zone tbh but need new surroundings and new targets. thanks in advance for reading. Tight lines.
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