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  1. Hi, just bought the fox camolite explorer barrow, it’s got mesh pockets either side of the wheel, which in the official fox video is used to carry a water container. Fox don’t seem to make their 5L camo water container anymore so was going to buy the Nash 5L one. Does anyone know if this fits before I go ahead and order it? Cheers!
  2. Hey guys - quick Q. As I’m starting out, I’m using ready rigs from korda. What’s the recommended amount of time you can use rig before you consider binning it? They cost a few quid each so want to get most out of it before I buy more ...
  3. Yes, I did notice but had bought the line before the rod so put it on spool. Will this affect the function of the rod or impair the cast? Not that I’m casting long distance
  4. Thanks! Has anyone got any recommendations on lakes with winter form within 30 mins of great glen, Kibworth area of Leicestershire ?
  5. Hi all I’ve just started carp fishing this year. Did a bit of coarse fishing as a kid, mainly waggler..but really interested in carp techniques. I’m pretty much self taught (off YouTube). Fishing at Shearsby lake near market Harborough - I’m from great glen, Leicester. I know it’s prob the wrong time of year to get into fishing as I’ve blanked the last two trips. my kit: drennan red range combi rod (method, waggler) loaded with Korda 15lb touchdown shimano baitrunner reel tried a pop up rig single hook bait (which is one I caught mirror on) today I had a go at PVA bag and although some carp about - didn’t get a bite has anyone got any advice for me as a beginner. Have I got right kit? recommend better lake? Is winter just not a good time for carp? will gladly take any advice!
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