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  1. Until recently I had only ever caught two carp besides a flyrod.....I can tell you that tailing carp are feeding, so if you get a wooly [censored] in front of them without scaring them by moving it toward them, you should catch one. When a carp sees a nymph, crawfish, helgramite, minnow, etc. close enough to catch, it will eat it. By making sure the carp sees it, then bringing it away (fleeing from) the carp may chase and eat it, otherwise it will scare the carp instead. You may catcharp on a floating fly as well. Use a catterpiller or mayfly imitation coasted overhead, and subtle twitching at the proper moment can induce a strike! Good luck....its a lot of fun!!
  2. ok bud...I have had my share of Mitchell reels over the years and liked them a lot. I just wanted that dual drag system on my carp reels so I don't lose them all the time! LOL
  3. I don't know how the Mitchell reels are constructed, or how well the drag is assembled, but for the money I'd recommend checking out the KastKing Sharky bait feeder 3000 reels. They are quality made, and the two I bought have stood up well to carp up to 25 lbs, trying to bury in the weeds. I would buy these reels again for sure.
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