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  1. Yeah I’m thinking about just glueing them to landing net ect
  2. Yeah it’s just me assuming that as the name had iso in it, it was an isotope. I’ve just paid 20 quid for the equivalent of 4 fluro bits of sweetcorn lol
  3. Hi chaps just got some Lunatopes off ebay, I’ve not used isotopes before but was under the impression they where glass tubes of radioactive gas that glows well for years! I was under the impression Lunatopes where the same thing, but was confused when I saw the little uv torch that comes with them, the same thing I use to charge up my fluorescent plastic baits? These things just look like Florescent bits of plastic, I wanted them to illuminate my new JRC swingers, but on fitting they are very dull and only really last half an hour, have I been ripped here? I got a pack of 4 for 20 quid which I thought was cheap, but in retrospect £5 for a 1.5cm bit of fluro plastic is pretty steep! any suggestions on good illumination for these hangers, 3mmx 1.5cm and has to go behind a clear plastic coloured “screen?”. any advice or suggestions will be awesome chaps!
  4. Cool! I know what it is, I get mine off eBay, big fuss about it giving you cancer by the usual hippy demographic, all bull obviously or I wouldn't use it! Most of it's synthetic these days "umami" just seemed like a good move, might try it in my particles to start off! Just thought I'd put some feelers out. Not sure if it creates the same feeding response in fish (appetite stimulant) but it does makes things taste good.
  5. It's that seasoning between sweet and salty that makes Chinese food taste so awesome! I refuse to believe this has not been tried before as an additive, either in particles or boillies, so appreciate I'm walking a well trodden path! I did a search and came up with nothing, before I decided to hassle you lot :-). I've been out the carping scene for a decade so go easy on me! Thoughts gentleman?
  6. positive inspiring stuff! yeah ive been fishing it in my head since I first saw the water :-/ yeah no substitute for time on the bank, cheers mate
  7. just a quicky, any of you guys use your lake water to boil your particles or just tap water?
  8. this is all gold, I know ive got to put some work in, i really need to get a handle on these fish patrol routes and feeding areas, I'm going to just bide my time and keep looking, ive seen no obvious sign so far but its only a matter of time, I'm up again this weds, just going to keep climbing until they show., I think ill be deffinatly going down the particle route for my pre bait campaign now, so find the fish (with any luck) if not guess!, intercept some of these patrol routes/possible patrol routes and give them a clear out, then start a softly softly baiting campaign with particles will slowly introducing my own chosen hook bait into the mix. definatly particles, lots of hemp (sort of thinking baby snails?) take it easy and slow, let them build confidence over a good few weeks, hit a few spots, keep it on the lowdown (baiting mid week before work). in the mean time keep patrolling, stalking, get the waggler out and see if I cant just chance upon them!. how does that sound?
  9. HAHA yeah I remember the forums, I have my salt ready for pinching
  10. lol I'm told there is a car in there, if it is I'm sure ill find it :-/
  11. found evidence of swan mussels in the lake, another penny drops! cheers mate. this place is an old clay pit, so imagining serious silt, but again never fished a water like this
  12. HA yeah sometimes I forget this is supposed to be fun when i get on one lol , a ladder is going up with me this week to see if I can get a handle on them (surrounded by forest no branches under 10ft, great bit of tree surgery, absolute rubbish for spotting! ill defo be trying to keep this on the low down, I like the subterfuge of visible snags yeah that's not a bad bet, if I cant see them but atleast clear up a few beds of branches, or atleast make them fishable, then slowly introduce my bait over the top, they will be ingesting/ getting used to my baits by default. I'm in no rush, I'm taking this one easy.
  13. you sir are a legend! ill definatly look into the b5,s (that's a pretty interesting approach, love it) ill try the fermented tigers, cheap and cheerful ill give them both a spin and let you know how it gose. and let you know tho its going to take a will, ive got all years to crack it. do you think clearing some swims Is a good call? the fallen branches make leading it hard and as ive found possibly expensive, ive asked if I can get in and have a mooch with some snorkel gear, just waiting on the bailiff to get back to me.
  14. that's pretty good thinking, likei say I have not had my finger on the pulse for maybe a decade, so its all a bit blurry, even then tho I was a carp nut I don't think ive tackled a water like this for carp. could I be edging my bets if I went down the route of a blood worm boily/ extract, like I say completely open to ideas how I should tackle this.
  15. cheers mate! yeah I think its going to be a mission
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