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  1. I've night fished for Pike from a boat countless times, different species yes but many principles should be the same.  I always anchor securely to the margins, usually in my case the bow end is in a reedbed.  I feel safer, relax & enjoy my fishing.  Mooring posts help get the boat really steady & secure, provided the water isn't too deep.  Get your boat organised and run through a plan in your mind of what you're going to do when you a) hook a fish  b) bring the fish on board.


    I love boat fishing. Imagine being bivvied up with rods out but you have the urge to move.  All you have to do is wind in, start the engine and away you go.

  2. As someone coming back into Carping after 20 years away I'm amazed at how many people just don't bother to try & find fish, especially if there's a popular swim vacant and they can park the car right behind it.

    For what its worth I try to do a circuit of the lake, starting & finishing at the windward bank.  If I haven't been able to locate fish visually then I find a quiet spot at the windward end & start there.  I often find myself in the 'unfashionable' swims but seem to do OK.  I think that having no preconceptions is a big advantage  :wink:

  3. I know exactly what you mean, as a well known angler has been suspected (more than suspected but won't say any more), of adding a few pounds on capture of a fish that usually weighs around 36-38lb, but when he caught it was weighed at 40lb+.


    A week later when it was caught again, the angler concerned used a set of dial scales held up on a proper tripod and the fish was weighed at 38lb and a little bit.

    SWP?  :wink:

    Been thinking of replacing my ancient Avons (never a problem, just count the needle round), think I'll avoid digital & go for another dial scale.

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