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  1. Anyone know of a carp syndicate near swadlincote? I know of swakestone but are there anymore within 30 mins drive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi I am trying to get a solar panel for my bait boat (lake reaper). The manufacturers don't sell one but I have looked at the foldable one for a procat (??) at £150. I can buy 2 x 10w/12v panels from ebay at £40 in total and hinge them together (a couple of quid from B&Q). What I need is some views/assistance on the how to "chain" them together electrically....... does 2x10w = a 20w charge and 24v?? How do I solder them etc Any help greatly appreciated!!
  3. Hi. I am booked to take my son on our first ever fishing trip to France. For the lake we are fishing, there have been some posts of 30-50 fish caught in a week. My conundrum is Boilies..... The lake list bait sold on site as mainline cell or hybrid (although quite expensive). I can obviously buy this in the UK and a lot cheaper than in France. Or Should I use a local bait company who's gravity range seems to be a good but not proven on the lake. Mainline or Gravity?????
  4. Sorry, meant to say I bought an 8 battery charger and 24 rechargeables for about 12 quid off eBay. But they're on their way from China.
  5. Not used it yet. Been charging up batteries and labelling it up (my 14 year old will be using it and at the moment he can break fresh air). Was going to have a play (probably without the fishing) this weekend.
  6. Yeah, Ive got some larger batteries that run the boat itself. The AA's are used for the remote controller, fish finder base unit and the fish finder itself. Was looking at Argos and 4 (I think) was 15 quid. I've send 8 on the bay for 3 and a half, so was going to chance it with the cheap ones. No more expensive than buying Duracells.
  7. Help - I've just bought a lake reaper and it needs 24 AA batteries. Any idea how long they'll last?
  8. Hi I bought some self life's from a shop that sold them for use on their own lake. I don't fish there anymore and the boilies have gone hard. Could I soak them in water? Can I also add a flavouring to the water? The boilies are fruit based, so could I complement with Scopex maybe or contradict with chilli spice? How long is the max I can soak for before they're too soft or is it trial and error?
  9. Latest purchase is a Kampa Loo. Fed up with dirty toilets, no toilets or bush craft. Get in the bivvy, letter box the door and bombs away. Next purchase ............ Air freshener !!
  10. Hi I went to Brasenose 1, Sun. Mon & Tues and blanked. Is there any shame in that?
  11. Yeah, I do see what you're saying, though, let's say I pre-tie Bags with rig inside (no lead), attached directly to the lead clip, I have most fishing situation covered. I also, don't have to re-thread my Tungsten tube every time I change from bags to leadclip/bottom baits. So I was thinking rig in the bag and tie to clip. Rig in "in the mix" rather than sitting to the side, sort of thing. Not sure if I am explaining it well.
  12. Hi I'm trying to see if I can somehow attach a PVA bag of pellets +/- the rig to a lead clip system. As I see it and it's been explained, the lead should be in the bag. Any suggestions?
  13. Am going to Longford next Sunday. I can see there's some old posts out there but was looking for more upto date tactics, weights, lake info etc. Anything positive greatly appreciated.
  14. Recent. I cleaned it and it worked OK for a while an now it sort of slips.
  15. Hi. The way I see it, it's a right angle triangle.....the marker and rods are the same distance, assuming a "tight lines" approach (the longest bit). The "spod length" and the lake depth form the right angle and so the spod length should be shorter than the marker length. I would like to add a drawing but can't see how to upload one. You can't ever get it spot on over the rig because of undertow bowing the line, under town moving the marker in relation to the rig, the profile of the lake bed and depth only really matters after about 15 feet, from memory. In TC a few years ago, I think they got sub-Aqua people to check the bait vs the marker and there was always a broad spread as the Spombed/spodded bait falls to the lake floor. Hence its not an exact science and it's what you feel most confident with.
  16. The drag system has washers and felt rings. Do they need to be dry, oiled, silicone spayed etc?
  17. Not really. I have 4 of the reels but only 1 has the problem.
  18. I have some Wychwood 65 and when I tighten the clutch the whole spool turns, which makes playing the fish a little tricky, as it does eating the alarms etc. I'm about to buy some new Diawas (hopefully) in the next few weeks, so don't want to spend money that I won't get back. Any ideas on a quick/easy repair?
  19. Hi I'm going there on Monday. Any tips (bait, rigs, location)?
  20. I'm curious. I have been reading lots of carp mags for a few years. For a while i've wondered, assuming I'm not trying to flog anything (which is what is on most magazines), what is the most important element of carp fishing. So, assuming I'm day fishing, what's the most important aspect. 1. Rods 2. Reels 3. Line 4. Leads 5. Rigs (Style i.e. chod, stiff hinged etc) 6. Rig jewelry (beads, tubing, swivels etc) 7. Hooks/Hook Pattern 8. Rig Technique (how well you tie them) 9. Watercraft - knowing where to fish on the lake 10. Knowing how to fish (say using a marker float to find THE spot) 11. Bankware (pods, alarms, bank sticks etc) 12 Lake Selection (assuming there's fish every lake). 13 Serving your carping apprenticeship I know there are some i can add but wanted to keep it simple/general as I could. I have my own views but interested in what the wider community thinks. If you want to, please give your top 5, with number 1 as the most important and 5 as least important. I'll collate the replies and post the results when the thread dies down.
  21. Hi. I have spent a few hours over the last week repairing my reels (my anti-reverse on one reel had stopped working) and fixing my stove (the piezo had fallen off and the legs are stiff) and generally giving my kit a wipe down with an oily rag. This got me thinking.............. what annual maintenance should I do or what to others do? All recommendations gladly recieved (apart from get a life, which I know I need to do, as my wife reminds me each time I fish).
  22. or you can try a self inflating mattress off ebay. my son uses one with his bed chair and says its as warm as toast. http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/121726203125 and a tenner
  23. I tend to fish sporadically, so I am out of practice when I arrive. They are mainly overnighters and come to think of it I cannot recall the last time I spent 2 nights on the bank (I'll have to discuss/bribe the wife). I have just bought rod bands with lead pouches so can save a few minutes with that. I am fishing a new and difficult lake, so I tend to see/guess where the fish are when I arrive, so although I like the idea of "pre-wrapping" the rods, at the moment this probably isn't gonna work. I have tried pre-preparing the rigs but have fallen out of the habit for this (sometimes my fishing is decided the night before, so not a huge amount of prep time). I have only one bag, so might break that up a bit so I know better where stuff is. Also PVA bags sound like an good start for any swim, if I don't know what I am going to face (probably on a stiff boomed pop-up). My issues sound a little more common than I maybe thought, so maybe I don't have things as badly wrong as a my post suggests. Having said that, any other suggestions greatly appreciated.
  24. My fishing, if and when it actually happens, is usually squeezed in between work, family and generally a whole load of other things that need doing. I guess I am not alone there. When I look back at where I started, I used to take a 2 man bivvy, over wrap, a bag for bait, a bag for clothes, a bag for cooking/food, a bag for tackle and the kitchen sink. I am down to a brolly and 1 bag (Barrowlogix small cube) and a bucket for bait (I have a sponge pad, that sits on the bucket as a make shift stool/chair) and a modified Q-Dos rig wallet that holds my rigs, bits and other end tackle. However it still takes be a couple of hours to set up (excluding the time to select the swim). I usually fish 3 rods from a pod, use measuring sticks, delkims etc. I suppose I was hoping for ideas on how to get the set up time and then take down time down to a minimum, so that my actual fishing time or more precisely the time my lines are wet is maximised. Thanks in advance for any constructive advice.
  25. I arrived at the lake, took a good like around and chose my swim on the back of the wind. Set up the bivvy first as it was raining and then got the rods out. Spombed up but one opened up on the bank, corn and boilie mix. Ive fished the lake 4 times and never had even a knock. Dark comes and I get some bleeps. Looking out the bivvy I notice that the lights from my alarms are walking into the bushes. Now I hate RATS and it turns out their were quite a few of them. 30 mins later I'm packed up and driving out the lake. Any tips on keeping rats out of the swim and out of the bivvy? I did think of a motion sensor lighting system but not sure if small mammals trigger them.
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