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how to make boilie flavours

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I may be wrong but as far as I'm aware, actual flavours aren't really a big part of producing a decent boilie. I think has is alot more to do with the quality of the ingredients and attractors in the boilie. For example if you use a decent fishmeal and couple it up with other natural oils and attractors, it should have all the pulling power it needs to get the fish munching :D


Infact, by adding flavours, or two much of them, you could be making your boilie less effective and it may have the opposite effect.


But like I say, I may be wrong, I've never made boilies myself :wink:

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You can use some household items for extra flavours and attractors.


Anything that is in liquid form just add to your eggs before you mix into the boilie mix.


Try things like marmite, that is a great additive, others like stir-fry garlic oil, infact you could try anything and maybe you will stumble across something special.

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