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spod mix-stick mix


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hiya lads i was just woundering what you put in you spod/feed and your stick mix?


i never spod as the lake i fish im all ways fishing to the far margin so i walk around with my feed mix and put it in by hand its alot easyer and it dose not spook the carp.



my spod/feed mix for a day session:


half a KG of hemp

half a KG of wild bird seed

1 large tin of green giant sweetcorn

1 tin of tuna in brine

some times half a tin of crushed growlers

2 tbl spoons of slat

1 - 2 tbl spoons of extra how chilly powder

and i normaly fill the bucket that i put the mix in half full with water


i will double the amound for a 24 hour + session


my stick mix :


scald a quater to half a bag of 1mm dynamite natural micro pellets

2 hand fulls of breadcrumb

1 tin of finally smashed up tuna in oil

(oil makes the mix stick togeather nicely but will not melt the pva)

1 tbl spood of extra hot chilli powder (gives it a kick and a dark colour)



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