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New Water, new rods & reels....and a new PB?


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During the last few weeks I have been taking advantage of our VAT free status here in the Channel Islands and upgrading my Carp Tackle. I've also recently joined a small members only water with a good head of carp to 30lb



Obviously, I've been looking forward to my first 48hr session, which started well enough, with a few small, but hard fighting fish all around 5-6lb









Then, about 5.30 Saturday morning this nice looking linear ended up on my mat. My scales put it at 24lb which would be a new PB but my mates digital scales only put it 22lb.




An 18lb common also came to the net but is on my mates camera. All in all a very enjoyable session

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Just to finish off, this is the common that my mate took a picture of on his camera, and was the last fish caught of the session. Picture doesn't do it justice tbh but I wanted to get this one back in the water quickly as a birds nest on the reel meant it took longer to land than it should have done.



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Just wondering if there were two of you how come you had no pictures of you holding them


There were only two of us for the last fish and to be honest my mate was as good as useless. I think he saw it as more a camping trip than a fishing trip, he got drunk and stayed asleep until the fish was on the bank. He wanted to come because he was 'thinking of taking up fishing' but I won't invite him again.


Whilst playing the fish I had a tangle on the reel (which I must admit was my fault for crashing into my pod whilst still half asleep) which I had to sort out and I felt that I had played it for too long - it was clearly knackered when on the mat and as you say looked a bit raggedy. Just after he took that picture my other rod went off so I wanted to get this fish back in the water and make sure it was OK.


You think it's a grass carp then? Never seen one before so you might be right, like I say my first thought was to make sure it was OK and release asap

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last ones definitely a grassie mate


I fish on my own all the time and its fairly easy to get a good pic holding a fish still.


Most cameras these days have got a 10sec self timer mode, so all you need to do is get yourself a screw that fits your camera to a screw in bankstick (wychwood camera adaptor, ebay £3.25) then hey presto with the self timer your away. I always take a couple of practise shots and set up my unhooking matt the correct dist from the camera as a marker so you know when it come to that cracking pb you always get the shot!


worth thinking about mate, it def makes the session when you got some good pics to show ur mates :lol:

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