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hair length


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hi what hair length do you use between the hook and bait .last weekend i tried the hair a bit longer and i did catch 25 carp up to 10lb but i had about 8 screaming runs and lifted the rod and it was gone would this have anything to do with a longer hair or was it just bad luck any ideas :?


tight lines rich

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Its trial and error, but i usually like to have the hair coming just off the back of the shank. And i always either use a rig ring or some silicone tubing to keep it at that point. Then i have approx a few mm clearance between bait and bend of hook.


Also i use shrink tubing on every one of my bottom bait rigs.


I am using the multi rig or johnny mac rig at the moment with great success, maybe something for you to look into and its so quick and easy to tie :wink: Although its more of a pop up rig i find it work well with bottom baits

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