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Trigga Ice boilie

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has anyone any info on nutra baits trigga ice?

anyone using it? :o


Shelf Life, Freezer or Base Mix?


The Ice version is supposed to be a Winterised version of the original Trigga with some added Spice Resins to pick up the Cold Water attraction, although I found the original Trigga worked all the way through

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yea the trigga ice is the all year round version.


thinking of buying bulk amount of base mix for a baiting campaign on my local, going to introduce from now on, through the winter and fish it next year..


was just wondering has anyone used it for something similar and if yes what was thr results like??? :)

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What do you mean by 'bulking agents'?


The Trigga Ice isnt a 'rubbish bait' mate. Its not like its bulked out with the usual semo/soya combo which far inferior baits usually do as you can see from the ingredient list below.....


To add to both the cold weather and short term attraction qualities we have added a high-tec blend of natural emulsifiers and powdered spice extracts, to the now familiar combination of Trigga powder, pre-digested marine meals, low fat oceanic proteins, milk and whey proteins and vitamins and minerals


At the moment i dont use the liquid food with it, but i will do once autumn approaches and i ditch the fish oil that i use with it now.

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was thinknig of adding some essentail oils black pepper to the mix. do you know the main bulking agents of the basemix?? do you use the liquid food with it?


Trigga Ice is the same as the original in that it has a dedicated Trigga Ice liquid. From memory the quantity is between 5-10ml per egg, but you can also add any other Liquid food as well :wink:


The dedicated Liquid is a kind of catalyst, helps some of the powdered ingredients to mix or react to provide nutrition and attraction

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