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New Syndicate, First session and New PB


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Just a quick one being as I'm having PC problems.


Fished my Hertfordshire syndicate for the first time last week from Sunday through to Thursday, and managed 3 Carp.


The first carp landed was a New Personal Best Mirror at 32lb8oz and was followed up by a 23lb Common and a 21lb Koi Common.

As soon as I get my PC back up and running I'll put on full details of the session and some photographs as well.


The bait I was B&F Smokey Mackeral boilies and a Monster Crab pop-up, rigs were Line aligned Sliding Hair rigs, (a shank mounted ring free to travel up and down the shank) on a Combi rig, (Amnesia to Merlin), 3oz running leads on tubing for Line protection

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well done nick, well deserved i am sure. where are the pics?


On my phone and camera, however I can't upload them to the PC I'm on at the moment :evil:


I've still got to do a full session write up. Last time I tried it on this PC I lost 40minutes of work.

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I'll edit this as I get more photos sorted but here is a run down of the session and one photo that I took on my phone:


I arrived at the Lake on Sunday afternoon about 2pm, and had a good walk around, although I noticed that the wind was pushing towards the North corner of the lake, which made one swim a particular good looker.


From some of the regulars I knew that the lake was fairly heavily fished

and the carp were fairly high pressured at times, but I had also been told 'Don't ignore the margins'. I decided to be a little bit different rig ways because of the pressure and I wanted a presentation that would work on gravel and on clay, so I set up with Sliding/Revolving hair rigs and 18mm Smokey Mackeral topped off with Monster Crab Pop-ups to create a Snowman.


I'd never fished the lake before, so I had to have a play with the Marker rod to find a couple of features, straight out in front was a lovely gravel hump at about 20metres.


Baiting up on this lake is restricted to Stringers and Bags only, so for the Left hand rod I made up a couple of 30boilie Mesh Bags, attached top the lead and to the hook, and for the right which was cast alongside the overhanging trees I just used a bag of crumbled boilies.


First thing Monday morning I saw a number of patches of bubbles, so I recast the RHR with bag onto this. About 1o-clock I had a take that snagged me up a long way round to the right, inspite of me going in up to my neck to try to free the fish I eventually lost it, along with my Lead and rig. One of the bailiffs commented on my willingness to go in for a fish as he held the rod to hold the line for me to follow it down.


Same thing happened Tuesday despite not casting so far to the right. The whole of the right margins had overhanging tree branches that went under the water.


Wednesday morning I had a take on the left hand rod on the gravel bar that absolutely ripped off. The fish went over the gravel hump, round to the right, back along to the left and absolutely everywhere, but I eventually netted it. As soon as I went to pick up the net I knew what I had caught and just let out a massive cheer, which managed to attract the attention of a Gentleman sat in his car in the nearby lane. He came down to find out what the noise was and I took advantage of him to do some pics. :D:D:D




After spending the rest of the day on the phone, and floating around the swim I sorted the rods out for the night. Almost straight away I had another take from the Gravel hump, but after playing it too hard trying to keep it out of the snags I pulled the hook free.


First thing Thursday morning about 4 am I was lying watching the Sunrise when the same rod screamed again and I found myself playing another angry Carp, again this fish took me all round the swim, but I eventually managed to net a 23lb Common, which as I was the only person on the lake I returned unphotographed :shock:


I'd moved the right hand rod by this time almost underneath the rod tips, and about lunchtime I saw a Koi moving around the area, and then recieved an absolute screamer. My rods were locked up, but even so this take saw the Buzzer Bars and Banksticks pulled free of the holes in the stagings, and I had to grab the rod in mid air. As I got the fish back close to me I had the Landing net between my knees (which were shaking) and the rod in one hand, but one of the Bailiffs came down and eventually netted it after a 20minute fight mostly around the margins where it was hooked. This turned out to be the 21lb Koi Common.


My Mate Dave came down and although I was supposed to stay until Friday, insisted I pack up and went back to his to celebrate the session :lol:8)

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