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Boilie base mix


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Hi, just wondering if anyone has added a percentage of 50/50 to a HNV base mix such as Trigga or Odyssey to bulk the mix out if on a budget or going abroad? If so what percentages and what effect did it have on the performance of the bait?



if you spread Salmon too far it becomes Salmon paste

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I understand that if you pad a mix out too much then it will considerably reduce the quality both nutritionally and for rolling.


Well considering you are going just for a few days or upto a week, i wouldnt worry too much about the nutritional value of your bait. It would be hard to really establish a food bait in that short amount of time anyway.


If you decide to go with a quality bait such as the Trigga or Odyssey, the ratio to bulk it out with a 50/50 (semolina/soya) base mix would be half and half. That way you are getting the budget bait which you say you want to keep the costs down, plus you have the added attraction of the dry ingredients of the quality bait that will keep on attracting the fish after the liquid attractor package have flooded out. Dont forget, you are after a quick hit so to speak and you need your bait to work from the off so i would definately suggest a flavour of some sort of around 3-4mls per 500g. You could even couple that with an essential oil as well :wink:


And for the record, if you decide to go with the Trigga, ive heard that the Trigga Ice is even more instant. So you decide :wink:


As for the rolling, definately dont worry about that at all. This is because each base mix is designed to roll and boil very well on its own, so putting them together will not make one jot of difference :wink:

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