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mono v braid


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hi members, just got back from a 48hr session and had 8 carp up to 14lb and a snotter, my question is how can i employ a i.q hooklength with a supple hair of say braid? whilst i was up a tree looking over my baited area in the margins it was only about two feet deep and i could clearly see the fish and my hookbait, dont panic members i was only two seconds from my rods, as i watched fascinated as some lovely big fish came into my baited area and literally stoped 6 inch from my hookbait and started wafting there pecs over my baited area, i am convinced that my hookbait was'nt behaveing correctly and made them suss it, now i know a lot of you will say use braid straight through, but i like i.q hooklength and i was wondering if there is anyway i could use the two materials,i was thinking of tying a 9inch length of i.q with a grinner knot but i am unable to suss a way of fixing the supple braid to the hook tryied rig glue but it dont hold, any ideas boys/girls would be very greatful :D



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Dental floss will do the same :wink:


A number of manufacturers do Hair braid, or use whipping thread (very strong for the same thickness as cotton).


To the hooklink, tie the hair material (my favoured Uni knot :wink::lol: ), and then slide it down the front of the hooklink to the top of the knot and tighten and then through the eye from the front, point side to the back. You can then fix your hair loop and a gentle overhand knot will hold it to the shank.


If you are Silicon or Shrink tube covering the hook then it looks even tidier :wink:

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forget all the hassle.......attach a rig ring to the shank, double loop a pellet band to it and pull through as normal :roll:


large pellet band will give you as much play as you want as long as you use a stiff link to a loop before the hook.......failing that see above :lol:

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