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Brace of carp from this weekend and a new PB.


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Heres a couple from this weekends session on my syndicate. Being as my old man was fishing, i decided to fish the swim next to him for the social side of things, dont know why, he can be a right moaning old soak sometimes :?


He was installed in a swim called 'Bricks' and the next swim along is 'Plateau' and with the fish showing on the opposite bank i was daft not to fish there anyway. So without wanting to get the marker rod out to see what the fish where showing over and risk spooking them out of the area, i decided to just throw out a couple of choddies. One on a single, and one over a light bed of bait. The third rod was placed with a single high attract bottom bait on a clear area i found and with that i was fishing and looking forward to some peace and quiet.


3 hours later, around about 4pm i was chewing the fat with the old man when i heard my clutch squealing. i got to the rods and the bobbin was slowly dropping, then it tightened upto the rod blank and the rod tip bounced a few times. Well i didnt need to be asked twice. I tightened the clutch, wound down until i felt the weight of the fish and lifted into it. There was an almightly boil and spray of water as the fish immediately came to the surface (the joys of using 1.5oz leads). The fish was soon coming in nice and easily and apart from when it went over the line on my middle rod, and a few powerful surges down the shallow margin, it was soon ready for netting without any major problems. At this point i could see it was a mirror, and a linear one at that.


When i tried to lift the net i knew i had something special and when it was on the mat and i parted the mesh, i knew she was big girl. I immediately said to the old man, "Its a three O". On the scales she went 32lb 6oz and is one of the Heron 'A Team'..... the Big Linear. A new PB, and my first 30.....




The Saturday night passed uneventfully until around 10am on the Sunday morning when i had another fish, but it was only a small stockie of around 5lb. It was soon unhooked and swimming happily away. Nothing else happened due to the warm weather and the rising temperatures but it was clear the fish were ready to start spawning cos they was all grouping up and this morning at 2:30am, they woke me up with their amorous antics. I do have a video on my camera, when i have the time to upload it i will show you cos it was great to watch.


I watched the fish spawning for a bit but decided because i was back at work today, i would get some sleep so i went and hit the bag again until i was woken up by a belting take at 8:30am which resulted in a lovely common of 18lb 9oz. Once again my own 'Samcav' pop ups doing the business.....




I was well pleased and over the moon with a great weekends fishing :D

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