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okay guys we hear a lot about locating the fish,so how do you go about finding the carp?


my experience is relatively limited in this area and im as always looking to improove


i have a fish finder which i use more for finding underwater features than finding fish,i know that some of the more experienced carpers poopah these devices but believe me they are a very usefull tool when used correctly and i find that it does help my confidence.


im entering my second full season as a carper and want to improove


so how do you guys with years of experience go about locating your quarry?

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Its hard to describe an answer because I think there is a lot to it.


On a New Water I find out as much as I can regarding features, not just the obvious Islands and Margins, but things like Bloodworm beds, gravel Bars/patches.


If I can and its not that heavily fished I tend to follow the wind, especially in Summer.


I try to put as much Bait into the Water as I can. While I know a lot of people like fishing over Particles I have found that I often catch bigger fish over Boilies only, so put as much in as I can afford.


Then on each trip I have as long a look around as possible, just looking for signs, jumping, crashing fish, maybe Bubbling, anything that may give a hint. If there are no definite signs I follow the wind and try to set up with it in my face.

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i also fish into the wind as a general rule, i also when i can stand up through the sunroof of my 4x4 this can give me a high view point,i always carry a set of polaroids,binoculars,a compass and as soon as i can get one im getting a digital barometer.


in the morning i try to get up a tree as the sun is rising,this way i can try and work out any movement patterns


i check the forecast and try to position my self so that i can take advantage of any change or expected change in the wind

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all the factors mentioned above defo help but not always - and i'm not sure they come completely under the title of water craft - there just common knowledge aren't they?


with pressured waters fish often ignore the factors mentioned previuosly.


i believe water craft is being able to locate fish when there is no obvious signs.


my usual questions to myself are


does the swim look like it has potential to hold fish ? (regardless of past trips and other anglers opinions)


if you were a fish would you be nosying around there if you felt a little peckish ?


it's abit of a sixth sense i believe.


i may often set up on the opposite side of the lake from the terrace of bivvies that clogg up the south facing bank.


carp may follow each other but us fishermen dont!.

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I think that there is more to Watercraft than just finding the Carp.


I think its also knowing how and where to present a bait that they'll take, the knowledge of whether somewhere is safe to fish , i.e snags, how bad they are.


The wind can affect where the Carp will be, but after a New Wind becomes "Stale" then the Carp may stop following it. Yet get a fresh blow and the wind increase it becomes a New Wind agian, even if from the same direction.


It is almost a 6th sense, as at times no fish may show but you just know you have to go into a particular area or swim.


There are even times when something in the head says that you have to have a bait in a particular spot.


The more information you have regarding the water then the better you're watercraft will be.


Then there is the Sneaking up on fish if you are Stalking, the quiet movements to get close to the fish, being able to sit still for extended periods of time.

Yes, a Compass can help, but I don't rely on one. I can find North without one;) just by Sun Location or by using an Analogue Watch.:wink:


Weather Forecasts, I try to listen to the Maritime Forecasts as they are better than the normal Forecasts on TV and are a lot more accurate. Yet at times even without a weather Forecast I can tell what the weather is going to do. It may be a lot of experience, but you have a feeling about it. I'm sure we can all tell when a Big Thunderstorm is brewing, we can feel it. Yet sometimes I can tell a bit more about the weather from past experiences.

Silly things like how the Wind feels, even on a cloudless day, can tell you whether there is going to be rain.


Watercraft I think is Knowledge and a feeling, and Understanding of the whole situation you place yourself in when fishing.

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having read all this thread with great intrest ,i can tell you that watercraft is something that takes yrs to learn . you don't learn about it in books,dvd,s ect .i would say that by reading what is posted on this and other forums most new type anglers dont use it as with new type fishing they don't need to read the water ,air ,temp ect as all they do is put a bait on and cast out and hope . this is made so much easier for them with the amount of overpopulated puddles cropping up all over the country



but i may be wrong :)

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Its hard not to include Temperature and what it can do to Carp.


Really warm Temperatures may have the Carp going into deeper cooler Water and staying down or yet other fish react by coming closer to the surface and almost sunbathing.


Air Pressure, what is it? how does it affect Carp? Your Barometer can tell you a great deal, yet how many people know how to read one or exactly what it is measuring. Millibarsc are lines of equal Air pressure and what is the Average Pressure? (1013.25 millibars at Sea Level).


Yet how many understand how to include this in their fishing?

Understanding or at the very least having a basic Knowledge of all of this is important to be able to catch Carp Consistently.


Watercraft and Carp Fishing is the same as Football Skills and Professional Footballers.


We can all Play football, or kick a football around a field. Yet not many of us have the skills to become Professional Footballers


If you haven't got the Watercraft then you won't catch Carp on a regular basis.


Watercraft is something that you are born with, but it can be improved and learnt, but those that that have an Understanding and have a Natural Ability will learn faster than those that don't.

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nick ..

Water craft is the sixth sense a bit like a premonition . some people have it , some can learn it , some will never learn it no matter how hard they try , and some just dont UNDERSTAND what it is


I don't think that I can say it any better than that. Oh Blooming heck, ME at a LOSS for Words.





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Never :D


Well I wasn't going into having an understanding of rigs and how they can effect and what they can do to your fishing and the interpretation of indications and Buzzer noises. How Wildlife and Waterbirds can have an effect on Carp Location, but if you really want....:D :D

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Wo hold yur horses.:D


Seriously though it is a very interesting subject and one that i am learning all the time.As i didn't start fishing till i was 40 i've got heaps of catching up to do.Having said that,when i arrive at a water i don't just bait up and cast,i do tend to look and watch for signs etc.


I have a mate that will only go fishing when the reading on his barometer is favourable.I must get one.

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Wo hold yur horses.:D


Seriously though it is a very interesting subject and one that i am learning all the time.As i didn't start fishing till i was 40 i've got heaps of catching up to do.Having said that,when i arrive at a water i don't just bait up and cast,i do tend to look and watch for signs etc.


I have a mate that will only go fishing when the reading on his barometer is favourable.I must get one.


ive just bought a watch that has a compass,barometer and it also tells the time.


today i was at a small local lake,the barometer was going upwards (from 1009 to1016,there where fish on the top on the whole they were ignoring the bait,one or two small freebies got taken but they were generally ignoring my offerings


from my own experience its when the barmometric pressure dropps that the carp start mumching.


not a nibble to day:D

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there are lots of features under the water to leroy,to find them you have to use either a marker float or a fishfinder.


try going into the various sections on the forum and try searching for posts on features.


one of my favourite features is getting under an overhanging tree

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Gravel Bars, Snags, Overhanging Trees, Plateaus, weedbeds, silt pockets/patches, Bloodworm Beds, Mussel Beds all are features that may hold Carp.


Different Features may hold Carp at different times of the day, dependant on Conditions, Food requirements and Fishing Pressure.




During the day weedbeds give off oxygen into the water, yet at night they may actually extract Oxygen and give off Carbon Dioxide. During the day Caro can be difficult to see in the weed unless you know what you are looking and listening for, tenting, clooping, strange ripples, moving Lily pads. It is down to an understanding of watercraft how you interpret what each movement or noise is.


Understanding Carp Patrol routes, some Carp have particular routes that they stick to, some larger than others. Then there are Carp that are resident in a particular area or there are roaming Carp that move about the whole Lake or Water.


Birdlife is another Indicator of where Carp may be. Coots, Grebes and Tufties surfacing in a hurry can be a sign that there are large fish in the area.

Tufted Ducks and Carp seem to hold around the same area and possibly have the same food source.

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what sort of thing would be best to look for at dusk be before starting a night fishing session and what features do u wont to consentrate on night fishing if any


Gravel Bars, Snags, Overhanging Trees, Plateaus, weedbeds, silt pockets/patches, Bloodworm Beds, Mussel Beds all are features that may hold Carp.


Also look out for routes that the Carp take into and out of the weed.

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for night fishing,its important that you can line up your cast with something that sticks out at night for example a tree.


so that you cast to the same lenght,mark your line with either some tape or elastic band,then when you go to recast you can hit the same spot.


if you have found a slope or something else underwater,maybe a gap in the weed then hit the spot during daylight,then look arouund for a marker that you can aim to in the dark,find a point that you can use to line yourself up and clip the line,cast and your back on the same spot,REMEMBER to unclip the line wilst you are fishing,other wise if you get a decent run your rod will go in the water.

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Guest eiberg

First i will say that im a bit afraid of putting this into words, its like some of the magic i bellive in might actually wapor off trough the "Paper"

althoug i know that what i have been so lucky to get is only mine for as long as i keep sharp tuned, by letting others have the same for free.

and that i have for time to time had the feeling that i used it all up

and because this energy that is behind what i call watercraft tigthens into lumps or packs of information that is again let out trough my awareness as the feeling good about what i do somewhere on a given lake and not feeling good about what i do at another place at maby the same lake. This energy is like something that acumulates as time goes by. Like the recharging of a battery it bulids up pressure. and i have to reach my "mental state" again and again and that this can be difficult if disturbed by definitions by me on what i do.

And that can get really powerfull at times especially when iwe been of fishing for a wery long time, forgetting all about time/home/and have overcome the hunger for fish on the bank.


When im like all in there, and is all Stalking, sometimes i let the wind push me around the lake, the slightest wind blow on my face makes me change direction, the sound of leaves in the trees, the birds changing direction or making special moves, like flying in a circle. makes me without contemplating it or thinking it trough change my way around a lake or chose what lake to fish and where to fish it.

its like just letting go of any premeditation (other than your tackle, wich you set up before getting into the state) and just let the elements direct your game.


offcourse it has alot to do with the knowledge that you have obtained trough your carpfishing career, its like you have a puzzle in your head of a zillion billion pizes, and the hunch you get to do someting is not always the correct one, "nobody can do this always the correct act thing". not even the most sharp or intuned watercrafted carper can always stay tuned in.


But what you can do is empty your head and let the flow of information and the pizes of the puzzle that you do posses from earlier experince form in your feelings and let it get to your head without your inner voice disturbing you.

its like an awake dream and hang on here (ever stood besides your bed and seen your self sleeping wile you know are sleeping "down there") ok now listen to your inner voice (rigth its not there is it!) what is there before your inner voice takes over is a "no word certanty" that something else of you are sleeping and that fear will rip you apart if your sleeping body in the bed opens the eyes and you in your "dreambody" sees your flesh in the eyes. (belive me you will have instant awareness and a wery serious feeling of fear in your solarplexus) + a wery difficult experience getting back in there ahead of you.


what is important here is the "no word certanty" that is a part of and belongs to your mind and is at a lower level (or higher if you prefer) before your contemporary person or your self.


That is learn to get rid of your inner voice at certain moments and just let your subconcious do the work for you, your subconciuos takes all in, and is a much better judge about the rigth action in a given situation than your "talking brain" every time you think, your brain makes a fool of you!

Confidence without contemplation! a "No Word Certanty"

it may take a long time before that big carp you spotted lying on the bottom will take what is served, and especially so if you did all kind of upperlevel calculations about if it was hungry or not.

had you switched your head of and had you let your subcontious decide you would maby have known by your "No Word Certanty" that it was better to let it sleep for a while and cast in when it woke up hungry. (now you woke it up with a lump of paste just 5 feet from its head, that is the equivalent to having af dough football of 8lbs passing by your head by 20inches when you where dozing in your beadchair.!


its like a kind of karate, if you start thinking your already dead, if you just let go of your inner voice that intimidates you with fear, and let your body do the moves it alredy knows form training, the perpetrator is already down before you wake from your 2 second meditation, wether or not you will have an out of body experience in this situation is down to how much energy you posses! that is to say have you done your meditations correct.


this is the energy it takes to be there, some call it chi and it can be obtained, but only if you learn how to quiet yor mind.


watercraft is down in the region of primeinstincts, and is just one of many crafts in this "room"

to cut it short, to posses watercraft is like getting in touch with sometihing you always new was there, and when you reach it you know you can refine it, but you cant describe it because words are of a differnt world, that is the world of contemplating and that this dilemma is a shortcomming not of you but of creation.


when you are there, you realise that you could not have been there any second before, you did not have sufficient energy to get in. (the result of usually long time calm carping, and many lonly fishing trips.)


but now and to you the door was open, and now you will have the ability to spot the other possesor of watercraft without even talking to him, because the energy changes your mind and therefore the way you see upon the world, you will be able to "see" with your feelings, and a fellow possesor of watercraft or any that have been in this state, will feel like your soulfriend or brother you will recognize him or first go. ( when you have been in there for along time, and accumulated more energy)

Watercraft that is the ability to fish on your basic instincts using all you got of knowledge about what you are doing without getting "hangups" and think your experinece to dead before it really takes off.

let go of your inner voice and just do fishing on your instinct.

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Wow, that was a lot of words you managed to get out on the page there dude! I have to say I like it though, there is certainly some "essence" going on, but I don't think it's magic.


Man has spent the last million or so years learning to tune his mind (his ONLY weapon, when compared to the rest of the animal kingdom) to help him find food sources. Fishing is an ancient art, we have hooks made from animal bones almost a million years old to remind us that we aren't the first to stalk our fish.


My guess is that, buried deep inside even the most cityified merchant bankers amongst us, there is still lurking some of those sharpened senses that attune us to our potential prey, and alert us to their movements. The trick is waking up those senses; being able to "turn it on when you need it", if you will.


For those who haven't experienced the quiet assurance that they are casting to an unseen fish, I'd suggest leaving your gear in the car and going for a walk around your chosen venue first... take your time and try not to think too much about rigs and baits, occupy your mind with thoughts of where you'd be, if you were a carp. Hopefully, you'll find yourself being drawn to a particular area or swim; don't fight it, try it out. I also like to sit and watch the water for several minutes once I've arrived at my chosen swim... often I don't actually see anything, but I generally get a good feeling about where to cast. Mostly I seem to be right these days... maybe I'm closer to a cave-man than I look? :lol:

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i had a walk around a new water tonight,it has some nice comfy swims.I had a good look and after a while my instinct was to go to an area that resembled an assault course,there was a gap in the trees so i sat and looked.


i saw trails of bubbles,wakes and the odd surface swirl.I climbed a tree and could see the problem,its very snaggy and if you get a biggun,its wade in time


its not very angler friendly so i guess thats why the carp are there


i can see me getting into a right old mess :D

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