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any one like bass


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I lived by the sea for most of my young life and used to eat most of my catch, some whopper caught on long lines... I think back now and wonder if I'd do the same now I appreciate the meaning of a specimen fish... good to see you put it back for someone else to enjoy (catching I mean :wink: )

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What a cracker!!!


Sorry to be so prying, but why don't you eat fish, are you veggie?


It's only that Bass make WONDERFUL eating, I've caught a fair few in recent years from Brighton Marina at night...


well it looks like the girl is choosing what bit she wants to eat. :lol:

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That is a fantastic catch mate! I used to spin for bass a lot when I lived on the Isle of Wight for a few years and that is an absolute cracker! A double figure bass from the shore is something very few people can lay claim to (certainly not me) but that is just ridiculous!



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Tucker, I'm here to tell you that if I'd caught that Bass I'd be grinning even more than you are in the pic. What a cracking capture, fair play to you.


Like you, I don't eat fish, just don't like it, doesn't stop me fishing for them though!



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Dont know what I'd do if I caught one that big. 3lb to 8lb...no problem-knock it on the head and chuck it on the barby. One that big though...dunno...think I'd put it back.


I'd like to have the opportunity to find out.

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