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Marker float problems.....


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.....im having problems getting it up :wink:


Here is my set up.....


Obviously im using marker braid on my reel, that is running through a Solar Eazi Glide run ring which my lead attaches to via a Korda Kwik Link and then my marker float is tied direct to the end of the braid with a Korda Shok bead covering the marker float swivel. (See photo below)




Now heres my problem..... Im finding that when i cast out sometimes the marker float is somehow wrapping itself around the braid so when it settles on the lake bed and i let line out to check the depth, the braid from the rod tip to the float goes slack and the float stays on the bottom.


Now heres my question..... Would it be feasible to tie a 2 foot length of mono or flourocarbon via a suitable knot to the end of the braid and attach the marker float to this mono / flouro leader? Would this stop the float wrapping around the line? But most of all would it take away some of the 'feel' and sensation you get from using braid straight through? (As obviously i dont want this to happen).


Any help would be most appreciated guys cos last time out i nearly whipped the water to a foam trying to find a decent spot on the lake bed. It took a good 10 casts to get 4 good run throughs which is not good at all :(

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in flight the float cud be getting tangled around the swivel of the lead.


I would also do as 666 is suggesting, but maybe use one of the purpose made lead booms from fox; clip the lead onto one end and run the line through a ring at the other end, the top end has got a cork ball or float device to help it to stand up and egt the float up easier.


tiger :D

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i do the same as 666 but instead of a boom i just use some strong line. also with having it like that say if theres weed or debries on the bottom it doesnt tangle cos of that 1ft between the lead and the float. i suppose if its really weedy and your struggling to get the float to pop up you could use longer lengths of line so it doesnt jam in weed and stuff :D

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I suppose you could tie a little leader on the end , but then the knot may get jammed, especially if it collect debris etc.


As has been said you could use a section of stiff material between the lead and run ring, Pat is actually more accurate than 666 by saying to use 6 inches, as when combined with the length of the marker float it equated roughly 1ft :wink:


I used to do this and use a stiff material with limited stretch, I use Korda hybrid in 20lb. The advantage is also that it snaps a bit easier than your mainline so provides a weak link incase the lead gets snagged, so you can still retrieve the float. I also cut the swivels off my leads so it again reduces the chance of tangling.


The other tip I do was shown to me by kevtaylor, which was to thread about 3-4 cm of rig tubing onto your mainline braid, followed by the Korda shock bead, and then push the tubing into the bore of the bead and superglue it in place. This means that the braid will twist close to the run ring causing it to jam like you say is happening.


I’ve modified it a bit though as I found rig tubing would get all chewed up after about a month or so of use, I now do the same but with 3cm of ESP shrink tubing as its a lot more durable when shrunk down, which is threaded on and then steamed down before being pushed into the bead and glued.


Hope it helps



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I used to use the fox ones but found they clogged up with chos and debris way too easily, causing less vibratins to be transferred up the line.


Now I use 4oz korda distance leads with the rounded front.


4oz because it's the right weight to compress a greys marker, and will bounce less along the bottom meaning you get more feel.


The shape i have chosen because it's stremline and casts a bit further when coupled with a slim shaped marker float. And due to it having a large flat surface between the loop and where it begins to curve at the end, it means alot more of the lead is in contact with the lakebed, providing more feel up the line


I've also got a couple of grubber style leads incase i am trying to distinguish between say soft clay and silt.

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