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Lac Cavagnac France

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Lac Cavagnac France 
Me and my best mate have just spent 11 days on this complex and this is an honest and open review about the lake. We are hard working ordinary anglers that work hard to pay for our trips abroad please read this before booking this complex.
First of all the website is still saying that the lake is owned and run by David and Arnie when I made our booking this was the case but it changed hands in February just gone. It’s now owned by an English fella called mark. There was some confusion with the price of the holiday that I was quoted when I booked to the price that the new owner wanted when we was at the resort. I paid in full before departure from the uk less bait and boat hire. Any way we get out there and they come and take your holding deposit for the swim 50 euros each that’s fair enough too. After a couple of days I asked for the bill for the bait and boat hire mark kept putting it off we’re sort it at the end no I said I want to sort it now 4 days in finally I get this bill well I’ve been charged for all sorts so that was soon sorted out make sure you sort your bill as soon as u get there because this can cause issues.
The actually fishing we get started had some lower 30s and some 20s good start a couple of nights in then it started it says on the website no nuisance fish well all in all I alone have 57 fish between 3 and 5lb over the 11 days. I baited heavily off of my spots to try and keep them at bay and work through them it worked to a point but it was constant all day and night . These fish were taking double 22mm baits snowman and size 2 hook. It was impossible to work through now on this complex you have to drop the lead which is fine we went through 120 leads all in all lucky enough I drove so I had plenty of leads in my van to get through. This complex 80 per cent of the anglers fly in now these anglers have no option from what I could see and buy extra leads at 2euro 50 each in the shop on the complex. After dealing with this situation I kept getting my hook bait bitten off I fished a very tight line to a five ounce lead so any movement I was getting indication after this happened three of four times baits gone gone and then 25lb braid bitten through I managed to catch the culprits musrats lovely so now I’m face to face with a rat about 14 inches long going nuts in the margin with a size 2 hook hanging out of his chin cut the line and let it go. Every night you would see them filling the lines out to the spots and attacking the hook baits I even had them following the boat when taking the baits out in the night. This trip was an absolute nightmare so please be warned if your thinking of booking Home of legends it is not more like home of nightmares. Ross the Baliff is an absolute top bloke he will do anything and everything for you as for the owner all his worries about is money from what I see of it and trying to get money out of his clients for things we never had. 
I will not be returning after all of this we went through but I think it was only fair to share our experiences before it happens to anyone else we did end up with about 14 decent fish between us to 40lb but it was hard work of a night getting through the small carp and the rat problem




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I fish lake cavagnac at the end of september this year and experiance exactly the same thing. I was eventually fishing with a 24mm snowman with a size 2 hook and still catching fish at 3/4 pounds. These small just basically peck at your bait until they hook themselves and once hooked they can just dart into the pads and that the end of you fishing until you go out in the boat to try and retrieve your line and rig.i am aware that one angler was fishing a pop up about a foot of the floor with a 20mm and size 4 hook and he still caught  fish at about 3lb. I wanted to fish cavanac for a number of years after seeing reviews and actually speaking to the guys at their stool at the Brentwood carp show one year. I honestly have to say that lake cavanac was the biggest disappointment ive had fishing  in France. It fails to deliver on so many points it unreal. From the fishing to the owner only interest in money. I was also over charged but lucky enough  I realised before I left. There a reported head of 1000 carp which i very much doubt it properly about 200. It cost me a fortune to go and fish this lake and it was the biggest waste of money. so please be warned this isn't me being upset with my experience I just dont what anyone else to make the same mistake as me.  avoild this  lake at all cost. DO NOT WASTE YOU TIME AND MONEY OF THIS LAKE. 

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