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Weather ?


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Past 2 days has been -5 in Wigan @ 5am for work....

This morning it his done a little scattering of Snow.


1 hour ago, jh92 said:

It's getting frosty here in Devon. Defrost the car before work, defrost the car after work 🤣

Roll on summer I say 🤣

Sooner have Spring & Autumn myself 😁

42 minutes ago, commonly said:

Yeah I saw minus 3 yesterday near Gatwick. Heavy frost for a few days. 

More to the point, was no one out last NIGHT or tonight, with the full moon? 

If it wasn't the wife's b day, I would have been out for sure. Can't wait to get out 

That full moon was absolutely dazzling 🥶🥶 ,Cowd though.

Wife had a Endoscopic Surgery on Wednsday (enough said about that 🤢)....the healing process is unreal with all the pack coming out.

BUT I have been asked for a day session tomorrow,  but its a no from me......

Christmas n Birthday Shopping today for the Wife, probably only out after Mew Year myself. 


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Hertfordshire 6” of snow on Sunday night went into London Monday morning and less and less the further I got in there 

then went to Guildford and just a hard frost.

coventry today and they have hardly any just a hard frost 

not much either way up there or back 

lots of lakes frozen and skaters on the local park lake idiots 

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1 hour ago, B B said:

Stepped outside the front door this morning  to go to work and what a change in the weather, ( which I new was coming ) a warm wind almost had me running back in for my fishing gear   


Its crazy I opened the front door this morning and you could feel the warm air hit you in the face lol. It's warm, windy and wet today, I wish I was fishing 😂

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Just cold rain here. Hopefully this cold snap passes over soon. The night are pulling out I just want to be on the bank 😬

We are gonna check the canal this morning and see if we can spot anything. 

Spotted 3 pike in the margins the other day, biggest must of been pushing double figures 😆


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