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Floater fishing


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So, Its time to come out of the closet....i have never really floater fished for Carp in the 30 years i have fished. BUT...im now fishing a lake where its going to be a strong method through the summer and i can also fish a little during the day/early evening SO:

Any advice or tips?....what dog biscuits should i be using now a days? Should i be using something else.... Should i be rubbing my vaceline down my line instead of my.....lips!

I will be buying a 4th rod for this, Any recommendations on a good floater set up? 12ft/10ft.....


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Hi Ginge , I love floater fishing .

my set up ?

1.75lb tc Avon type or Barbel rod , one of my old smaller bait runner type reels 8lb Drennan double strength line and a size 10 hook with a fake chum mixer banded to it . Simple . 
Dampen your doggy biscuits and add some oil of some kind . As well as adding attraction to the freebies the oil makes a slick on the surface helping you to see your hook bait .

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My floater rod is a 1.75lb Specialist rod, which swaps between roach, bream, tench and chub as well as carp.

Years ago I bought a Shimano aero 4000 gtm fighting drag with spare spool, but one of the current 4/5000 size baitrunner reels should be perfect.


Obviously match your line to the lake, some places 8lb is fine, others it is 10-15lb plus. The 8lb I use for feeder fishing for the 'little' species as well, including floater fishing for chub.

Hooklink wise I tend to water knot an arms width of hooklink, Berkeley Trilene xl below 10lb, Preston Reflo above 10lb, usually to a size 10. Hooks, Drennan Super Specialist, Solar 101's work for me.


As for dog biscuits, a box of Bakers Complete gives a mix of shapes and sizes and a very nice hook bait with the big square ones.


If close enough freeline, if further out a decent controller, and wait for it, but a Nash Tackle recommendation (I feel faint and ill saying that, 😆) the Bolt Machine.

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