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June Catch Reports

Golden Paws

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Just got back from a grueller! Couldn't get on the 2 lakes on a complex I normally go on as it's fully booked so had to settle for the runs water. By mid morning virtually all the fish in the lake were sunbathing and not remotely interested. I throw some bits of jam sandwich right next to them and they didn't flinch! I think that one fish was caught in 2 days, which shows they weren't having it. I did have one pull just after dark. Started on PVA bags but quickly changed to the dreaded zigs. I did catch a bit of sunburn despite applying lotion so not a total disaster.

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I had my first fishing trip of the year yesterday. Couldn’t leave home before 6am because of the curfew still in place. Intended to sort out tackle on arrival as I hadn’t used my fishing mobile (aka shed on wheels) since last year. Found a rod already set up with a waggler float still baited with a rock hard boilie. I flicked this in before sorting the gear and had this rather nice mirror, fished laying on style 2 metres from bank in 7 metres of water, after only 10 minutes. I continued successfully with the same rig all morning but gave up when the shade temperature reached 34 deg C



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The first and last fish from an overnighter on Saturday night at Bluebell Lakes

11 takes, 7 landed, 2 lost on a tackle snag that I later got out and 2 missed double takes that fell off by the time I got to the rod.

No sleep but what a great little 19 hour session.  Tested the Geoff Anderson wet weather gear to the max, out spodding in the rain all night whilst everyone else was tucked up in their bivvies not catching.  Also tested the Tackle Box spod rod which instantly improved my accuracy from good in a strong facing wind to off the scale bang on every time - IMO both purchases contributed to more fish on the bank.  All the anglers around me blanked on the night, one said he couldn't get the bait out there in the conditions! Edges 👍

Cannot wait to get back out again very soon, make up for lost time.

The tackle snag turned out to be a big ball of weed, 2 rigs, leads and line and a marker and 6 oz gripper lead.  Thanks to that I did loose what felt like the biggest fish I've ever hooked from the lake so I was not happy at the time.





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Another overnighter at Bluebell Lakes, was told not much had been out through the week - they were being moody according to the Baillif, but the conditions seemed great, big facing wind and an electrical storm.  This swim was only a bit further down the bank to last week but it was notably shallower at range in this swim,  I settled on a deeper clean gully closer in.  Managed 3 takes 2 landed common and mirror.


Screenshot_20210627-112733_Video Player.jpg

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