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Lets see your Fit birds ,

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42 minutes ago, bluelabel said:

a couple of pics from my Christmas prezzie from the wife a few years ago... a Falconry day down in Kent... and yes... the ugly wart on the Eagle owl's @rse is me




That must of been a fantastic day, I would love a prezzie like that, I find birds of prey fascinating. 😁👍

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44 minutes ago, Enzyme said:

Shows how important it is to carry wirecutters. Hooks get stuck awkwardly in carps gobs sometimes too. I hope you had some antibac or salt and some superglue to get cleaned and stuck back together mate.

P.S what are ''sidecutters''?


A range of side cutters, also known as diagonal cutters availble for cutting wire. The cutting edges of the jaws intersects the joint rivet on an angle or diagonal, hence the name. They cut the wire by creating an indentation and then the tool wedges the wire apart, they should not be used in a shearing action. Also refered to as "a pair of dikes" in the electrical trade to describe diagonal pliers. Options of insulated handles for comfort and some protection against electrical shock.these were invented by John James Harry in 1868 


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