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April catch reports


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Went Saturday to my local club water for the day,managed one on a cold day had all my thermals on in the morning sunbathing in the afternoon 🙄

My mate got amongst them ended up with 3. The place was rammed so happy with this one,and gave my groundhog an outing,got it for £75 on a Black Friday deal it seems to be good lovely for a summer overnighter.




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On 12/04/2019 at 23:56, Highy said:


11.30pm...1st Carp of 2019...and on my new rods...only 6lb...😁😁😁

Congratulations on your 1st carp of 2019 , Highy .

Pretty looking carp , there are some very similar ones in my lake which seem to start turning black and get even more good looking as they get older .


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Did a 24hr on my lymm water first light Friday to Saturday. It’s a busy complex but always good for a bite or two. Managed to squeeze on and with a few lads pulling off at dinner I had my eye on a spot that would be free come dinner. The morning was pretty uneventful as the fish was down the bottom end so all eyes was on the lads packing up. 6 hrs without a sniff seen me into a fish 5mins after my move when this decided to snaffle my maggot hookbait 

An hour later this fell to the same tactics

It all went quiet after that,very quiet and after a good nights kip woke up to the sound of a few fish crashing 

A slow pack up seen me Nick the best fish of the session just as the sun started to get high



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1 minute ago, crusian said:

They're good looking fish on your lake , Stevo


Yea there are some pretty ones in there. There in good nick as there pressured fish tbh. I’ve had a couple with mouth damage but some are mint. 😎🎣

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