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Introduction, Newbie

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This will be my third post, to introduce myself. Newbie to carp fishing, 40 years of Bass, and Catfishing. Live in the USA. Grew up on the river and I now live next to the river. My practice is to release to preserve the Fish. I have seen many freezers full of fish that were thrown out due to being in there over a year to fill it up again. This just doesn't make since, it's wrong and I catch alot of slack for speaking my mind. The big Blues I use to catch are far and few now. I'm so excited to see how the Carp over there are released to catch another day and preserved. I'm learning Carp fishing and enjoy it as much as my Catfishing, ok a little more. My Loving wife has been supportive and has allowed me to buy more gear, considering I just bought new rods and reels for Catfishing, but I had to buy her a new reel and rod to. Minelab.

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