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cheers cm another very helpful and interesting  thread ! would you care to expand a bit on the risks please ? is it just the soaking and softening of the bait or the fermentation process that posses the risks ?,im aware of the first ,but been away for ages and things have moved on a tadge :wink: ,if its the fermentation i would be a help 

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Hi Hutch


" I also picked out a question from another thread about carp being able to remember a taste/label of a bait, I personally believe they can, I think its a short term thing which is why you need to keep putting the same bait in, but they are no different to any other wild creature they will have preferences for what they like to eat and I think they achieve this by eating something and enjoy eating it, weather that’s the fact that the texture is good or it can eat it and digest it easily. "
Roughly how long is " short term " please ? .
Many thanks .
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Roughly how long is " short term " please ? .


How long is a piece of string  :)


It is hard to say as these were my thoughts rather than being based on actual scientific information (apart from the fact fish do have some form of short term memory), if you are developing your own bait then you are trying to create something with a distinct label that when the fish come across it they recognise as food straight away, so the more of the bait that they eat and enjoy eating (this bit will only happen if the bait profile is right), as for the short term hard to say but if your trickling bait on spots that are getting visited regular and baiting those spots once a week, I would guess that would enough to keep the memory topped up, there are also other hazards like bird life eating your bait before the fish get there etc...


The more they eat of a bait without being caught they will be more likely to drop there guard whilst grazing over your baited area  


This on generic fish memory, and there are various articles suggesting they can hold memories for up to 5 months




Individual carp captured by anglers have been shown to become less catchable thereafter.[11][12] This suggests that fish use their memory of negative experiences to associate capture with stress and therefore become less easy to catch.[13] This type of associative learning has also been shown in paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis) which avoid places where they have experienced a single attack by a predator and continue to avoid for many months.[14]


But I don't see any reason why the reverse couldn't happen regarding something it classes as food.


I could also be completely wrong of course :lol:  :lol:  

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Is anyone up for an updated rotary, not sure which topic yet, a few suggestions would be appreciated, plus if your interested put your name down. I wouldn't like to nominate anyone who didn't want to contribute.


Maybe you should start your idea Flavour Of The Week :)

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A few other ideas, and some more specific. 

Weather and it’s effects

rigs - when, where and how

carp behaviour 

particles and how to use 

boilies and how to use 

set ups - inline, lead clips, helis, running rigs. 


Maybe once we have a load of topics and members up for it the mods can pin a post to the top of the thread with those members and topics listed for reference. Or create a new section specific for the rotary threads? 

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