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May catch reports................


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1 minute ago, nigewoodcock said:

Nice stevo!! Getting to grips with this zig lark ain’t ya???!!!! 

I’ve always got at least one rod on a zig nowadays,mate. 12/18” off the bottom seen me have a good few January/February...... black and whites 😉😆😆

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8 minutes ago, nigewoodcock said:

Where did you get your cov city top from stevo??

Work vest,mate. Went straight after work and wanted to blend in to the blue sky with a sky blue top !!!!!!! See what I did there Nige 😉😆😆

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On 08/05/2018 at 09:35, yonny said:

That's a killer mate!

I cancelled my annual French trip for this spring. Arranged 4 prolonged sessions. First was beast from the east part 1. Second was beast from the east part 2. Third was when it switched to an easterly and rained fro 2 days a couple of weeks ago. Zero captures.

Fourth and final session is this weekend when you guessed it.... the temps drop by 10 degrees. But at least it's not an easterly.

Yep. You pick your week but you can't pick the weather sadly. Still got a week at the end of the month. Hopefully they would of spawned by then and not when I'm off for my week. 

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On 01/05/2018 at 10:42, yonny said:

Tell me you have a rod on it Smufter? Please.

Booked up for the next two Tuesdays.

Next week, I'm on my old favourite "back pond" (nothing else available) but I have a cunning plan lol!

Following week I've managed to swap and get "back bays 2 & 3" as I'm fishing with my daughter and needed a double. I can reach the aerator from there you'll be please to know Yonny, although it looks like a full aeration system is being installed later on this week anyway, with 7 seperate outlets, which will benefit the whole of the lake.

Will keep you posted mate, but it has been noted that there are more fish coming out around the end of the lake where the current aerator is, than down where I'm fishing.



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