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Hello there!

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3 hours ago, Dannygooner said:

Welcome ! Being from Norfolk, do you know  of definitive big carp captures on the broads? I've heard a few wafty fisherman tales, though after much searching no photos. 

yeah that old chestnut :lol:, same as you my friend only stories and conjecture I'm afraid, i am sure there is monsters in there though :wink: also tales of big catfish.

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35 minutes ago, ianain said:

Welcome to the forum, I take it that's a new addition to your family and future angler in your avatar?

Yes indeed that's my little girl :) she's alot bigger than that now though! that photo was last year. and yes she is going to be the next terry hearn....( female version)

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46 minutes ago, Dannygooner said:

 Thoughts on piking on there in the summer buddy? I see lots of conflicting thoughts. I'll be sticking a few dead baits out of an evening regardless to be honest. 

I have only ever been out on the broads with spinners and lures, but cant see why that wouldn't work mate! are you going to be on a boat or the bank?

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19 hours ago, Dannygooner said:

 In regards to the carp, I saw multiple people saying they come out of ranworth looking through various forums. One guy saying he got snapped up bream fishing twice in one night 

Ranworth has come up several times in conversation with friends. I have seen an image of a mid double common that supposedly came from Ranworth broad but the person who showed me the photograph was how do i say.... known for spinning a good yarn so it could of come from anywhere really :wink: but yeah, im sure they are in there.

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15 hours ago, Dannygooner said:

You ever fished homertons @AnglingAnt. I think it's in Norfolk anyway. Recall seeing it on a John Wilson show. Looked like some water. Stunning

Not sure about homertons but i know there is a lake on the border of norfolk/suffolk called homersfield, but I havent fished it meant to be good though.

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