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How to Create your own default Filter Stream


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Here is how you can override the existing "Latest Activity" Stream with your option.


Click "Latest Activity"




Now You'll see the Stream filter options.

Select "Show me" change to "Content items only" to see latest topic update or leave as default to see "Content items, comments and reviews" to see all updates per Topic.




Now Select "Content Types" you wish to filter for, all content is the default, for just "Topics", select this option.




"Read Status", here you can change show "Everything" which is the default or change to "Content I haven't read" for unread content.

Also you can change the option to take you to first post, or leave as default to take you to first unread post when clicking on Topic link.




Finally save this Stream filter "Save as New Stream" and give it a name.




Now you can set this new Stream as the default:




Your Stream filter will turn green indicating it's the default and you'll see "Latest Activity" button will be replaced with your Stream filter.




The buttons next to the stream allow you to edit it, delete it and make it default.


You can also switch stream listings to Condensed view.



The same options are available via mobile view in a more condensed format.

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