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One last night of 2016


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My last night of 2016 resulted in two fish, this being the better of the two.




I put in 5 spods of b5, black snail and b5 pellet all doused in liquid b5 food.




The first fish came after 20 minutes of casting out over the baited area.

I topped up with another two spods and an hour or so, another fish couldn't resist my little pink fruit special pop up.

Soon after, the dark came in and with it, a hard frost and fog. I stayed for bite time this morning but nothing was doing. I think if I could have seen more than a metre or two in front of me and baited again at first light, I could have had at least one more.

Can't complain at two fish in -2 degrees at the end of December though.


Some shots of the swim








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Great 'photos Nige , they look really good viewed from my double glazed , centrally heated house ! .


It's right what they say though you have to get out there to catch 1 ( or 2 in your case ) , I haven't had a single bite sitting on my settee  :cry:


So after a heavy frost Nige in your experience do the Carp stop feeding , and if so for how long please ? .



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Hello Liam


Did you finally get to wet a line ? .


You obviously don't give in easily .



I did mate got to the lake about 1pm couple of lads I knew were already there and said that it was half froze until around 11am. I fished til 8pm didn't have a sniff. But had a little new year social which was good. Just about to load the car get back out hopefully for a night maybe two this time if the lake has thawed now that is.

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