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Are these man enough????...............................

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I prefer to use a simple running rig for the vast majority of my fishing.

Usually, I just tie my hooklength to a size 8 swivel, incorporating an anti tangle sleeve.

Only problem with this is if I want to change my hooklength to say a pop up rig I have to break everything down and start tying again.

With this in mind I have recently purchased some of these (to obviously avoid the tying part!)....




Problem is, they come with size 12 swivels, not my usual size 8 and they seem tiny in comparison.

Are they going to be "up to the job?"

:confused:  :confused:  :confused:










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I use the Korda quick change swivel which looks pretty much the same for every single rig and lead setup I use, apart from pva bags.


Each one has an anti tangle sleeve pushed over the loop in the rig and the qc swivel. There is the regular swivel for in line, running lead and lead clip, and the qc ring swivel for heli lead setups. I have never had one let me down.


Not sure if be too comfortable without a sleeve over the qc end though.

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Not sure if be too comfortable without a sleeve over the qc end though.

The supplied sleeve is quite long, and is supposed to

a) Cover the qc end


b) Act as an anti tangle sleeve.


Proof of the pudding I guess.

I will try one out on Monday on one of my rods to see how it goes, I'll stick with my tried and tested size 8 swivel on the other.

Thanks for your comments lads.

:wink:  :wink:  :wink:

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