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What kind of bait for this time of year

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I wouldn't usually change my bait during winter, but having said that I don't tend to fish a lot during the winter months anyway, certainly not overnight sessions. I pick my days carefully, 

But the lake I have just joined is a predominantly "Cell" type water (fishmeals catch, but "nutty" baits tend to do better), so I have just stocked up with a few kilo's of various baits of this type (Manilla and Urban Nutcracker) and will try them out over the coming months.

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I'm a big fan of birdfood based baits all year round but especially in winter. They are so easily digestible, are very porous so leak attractors well, are a great source of energy that carp crave in cold water and break down relatively quickly if left uneaten.


Having Said all that, this winter I will be using a milk protein based bait for the first time in years. It has some bird food too as well as a peanut derived protein, but is mostly milk protein.

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Couple of lads on my water don't work... not retired just don't work. They prebait Wednesday and get down Friday dinner,before all us workers manage to get down. I await there arrival with great anticipation seeing as I've booked the day off and I'm on my way down there in half hr

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