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whitefriars scac bream


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Hi all.

I've touched on the above topic as part of my very first thread but, I thought I may get more info doing a dedicated thread.

I'm quite new... Maybe a year to specimen fishing and I'm targeting a double bream and tench. I done ak waters last year as a starter but whitefriars has always caught my eye.

so... I was hoping to do next season on there as I've seen limited info that it holds double figure bream.

Can anyone who has done some time on the water help me? What baits do you avoid on there etc when targeting carp so you don't get breamed out and a los do they hold up in certain areas?

My max range fishing comfortable would be 100 yards.

if someone could pm me if they don't want to broadcast info that would be awesome and a great help.

I basically want to know if the water has a big enough head of bream to target them.

Thanks in advance.


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Whitefriars is a big, challenging water. Most people are scared by its size and it doesn't get that much attention. I'm not surprised that the replys are few and far between as most on here will not have fished it.


It's a nice water... all the best.

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If it's bream you want I'd use groundbait with some hemp and small pellet in the feeder.


Areas is a tough one as the shoals move around a lot. I didn't fish it that much, just several weekend sessions through the summer. I did catch trench and bream at close range (20-40 yards) from the long "field" bank opposite the gravel workings. I was using pellets and tiny (homemade 8mm) boilies (high krill meal content fishmeal). Fish that bank when the wind is in your face and you'll have 'em...


Pile a dozen tangerine sized balls in and stick your feeder in the middle of it.

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I'm used to the baiting up as I fish a 434 acre resiviour by me for bream on the feeder but average size is 4-6lb.

I'll give it a go in the spring with method feeder and your pellet and groundbait advice . As a rule big bream like to sit out at range but I'll give it a go and see!.Cheers

hope there's some goo tench In numbers in there to.

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