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Nice little session.


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First little bash with the new centre pin gear on the river this evening. Great fun way to spend 3 hours and 2 pints of maggots.


Managed many many dace, various sizes, nothing massive. Never caught a dace before. :) There were larger fish about, but I struggled to get through the small dace and minnows. Managed at the end to start getting the bigger dace. Was time to go all too soon!


Some work to do to master the centre pin, but by the end I had it moving nicely, and was able to fish further out into the river.


2 things were frustrating. Minnows, and the line bedding in so it changed direction without warning! Need less line, need less minnows! Although they did help me with my biggest capture. Dropped a minnow back, to see him get absolutely nailed by a perch while he was getting his barings! Next minnow was dispatched, and nicked onto my size 16 and lowered in. Result, nice perch about 1.5lb. The one that I saw was a lot bigger. Put a good bend in the rod. Will be walking that stretch with a drop shot rod in the very near future!


All in all, great fun! Will be nice to have a bit of variety this winter. Nice to have a few fish and a bit of time by the water. Will have to work out how to get theough to the chub, some nice ones there I'm told. :)

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Love my river fishing mate , doesn't matter if it's one of the biggest or smallest in the country.

it has taken a back seat to still water in recent years but heading back to some old haunts next year .

It will be hard to fish through the smaller stuff on the float if there in the numbers it sounds like found the same on the wye .

Maybe try Nicks dog biscuit tactic for the chub .

I've always fancied one of Ray Waltons centre pins for the bigger rivers awesome bits of kit .

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Yeah it seemed like there were millions of them. Right in the margin was worst. If I dropped the hook in acidentaly for a second I had a minnow on. Even with 4 mags on a size 16 they had it.


Might try a bit of ground bait, small tight balls, and trot worms or paste over it for the chub. Other than that, yeah ledger/feeder, but if I'm doing that I could be carp fishing. Might have a rod out on barbel tactics on an alarm then trot a float for smaller fish. Great fun though, even for the little ones.

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Ah it's all good fun. The idea is to mix it up a bit and not really care too much what grabs the bait. Just trotting a float along and see what happens. I will be doing some species fishing. Barbel, pike, perch. The trotting gear is just for quick session fun. My carp fishing will remain my main focus, not going to get too invested in the other stuff. Just a bit of fun for a few hours when I can't get out for a carp trip or if they've shut up shop. High summer and mid winter really.

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