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Carp.com social 2017 RH fisheries The Avenue.

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And me, you do the curry and i will bring the beer,any new record holder will receive a plastic badge that he will be expected to pass on too the next guy who breaks it later that day.

Drinking whist fishing ? Ffs you'll be sleeping next :)

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Can I bring a mate he's never fished before and he's got about £5000 to spend on a set up he's watched a few youtube clips so he knows what to do .


P.s  he needs me to tie his main line to his rig according to him thats the hardest part this knot tying thing , he says he'll be fine with everything else.

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List so far









Kev Taylor






Can't wait :lol: :lol: :lol:


If anyone else fancies fishing this now historic lake just stick your name down. :wink:


Obviously time it with any planned stocking next year !

I'm so up for this!!! I'm so keen and cant wait, to pass the time I'm now stripping the inner out all my old leadcore and stitching it into the bottom of my weigh sling.

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talking of which maybe we can arrange for a 30lb bream to be stocked too?


im working in that one vik, i found an old bream down by our lake so i pulled the nails out and tied it to me roof rack (wernt putting that smelly, slimey thing inside) i have got it in a bucket of old bath water and im feeding it broccoli and all my old leads that have lost the cammo coating.

its up to 42lb at the mo so if you all got any spare leads i can have? we will get it up to 60lb in no time......i feel a record coming on :wink:



quick edit to say, it has just farted out 5lb of leads, the broccoli could have been a mistake :(

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