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14 minutes ago, finchey said:

I didn't bother going I've lost my fishing mojo at the moment, don't know what's wrong with me I just  can not be bothered. ☹

Think we all get like that now and again matey it’s one of the reasons I went back to my roots and decided to fish for other species not just carp it certainly got me more focused and enjoying my angling a LOT more. 
It’s amazing what a pint of maggots and a match rod can do for the soul 😉😬😎🎣

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1 hour ago, finchey said:

didn't bother going I've lost my fishing mojo at the moment

I think we all get the same feeling at one time all the other. I take a feeder rod and a spinner set up with me when I go, small Dab radio and binoculars with a kindle app on my phone the time flys by, always something to do which helps me. 

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Been at the Park Lake for 3hrs this morning. 

What a rebel 😎 (writing on the bench)





NOTHING was left this time....

Moved 3 times, saw 1 lad catch right up top in the deep snaggy part, seen loads of topping going on, the last spot I was in saw a fish jump.over my bait.

Started raining about 10ish, had a little hide away, now back home....



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A bit of a puddle compared to the reservoir, but the boys have enjoyed catching a few silvers. 

Lost one on the first night, had a pretty little 13lb scaled mirror at dusk last night. Another reminder why I don't fish day tickets, poor fish had half of its mouth missing 😭😤


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