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Rod Shots

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23 minutes ago, Highy said:

Me too......

About 3am had a 1 toner out the blue, by the time I'd got shoes on n lifted rod, it had spat the hook... Nothing there... Same again about 4.20am 1 toner but this time straight into overhanging tree, could feel it kicking but snagged me up, then went solid no fish on and line snapped....clean cut so probably something down there.

Next time mate, that place owes you a good un.🙂👍

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21 minutes ago, elmoputney said:


Lost one this morning 😭

rods are out for the day though as the rest of the putneys are visiting rellies, so I can have have a nice chilled out Sunday and hopefully I will get a chance to equalise, felt like a goodun too 

A very carpy looking spot there Elmo. Goodluck mate keep us informed on any progress. 😁👍🎣

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On 16/07/2020 at 23:32, Highy said:

How is the Wychwood DPM line Dayvid... Looking at it myself... 

I rate it quite well , been using it for a few 3 years + i guess , very tough ,not sure it sinks any quicker than normal mono, hard to compare that  .

I see no reason to change ,18lbs @ 0.35 Dia,  Casts well 

It does start to fade slightly colour wise  after a year , but you could just reverse it 

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From what I have heard, alot of venues are hard going.

As has been said recently, every angler and his mother has been launching bait in and the fish have literally just shut up shop. 

I was in a little venue that sells a bit of tackle to get some glug, the place looked like it had been robbed!! Sold out of loads of stuff and couldn't say when he'd be getting any more, including boilies and ground bait?? National supply issues due to COVID!! This virus is still effecting all areas of life!! 

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