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Rod Shots

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I would never have spotted that if you hadn't pointed it out mr dpm.....I like a bit of contrast/clash it annoys the tarts [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]



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and just look at the state of those reel handles, plus your bobbins are no where near level.

having cork handles is no excuse for tardiness you know. :evil: :evil:

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I thought about raising them up on the extensions so I could walk under them but didn't think it was a good idea in the end



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rod height looks ok to me, well one of them anyway cos the other tip is a lot lower, not to mention that the right hand rod is closer to the alarm and the rear bank stick is squiffy.

how the hell do you manage to catch with your rods like that?

slovenly tardiness at its best bud, hope you improve with practice :lol:

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