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Rod Shots

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It's nice, not big though the pic may be a little deceptive in that area, I think it's about 3.5 acres, lovely setting though in the middle of farmland, and I'm finding it quite hard, but I love it up there so all good even though I blanked again today



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Enhancements have always been done, sometimes you just need to since the camera can't expose correctly for the sky and land at the same time.


I said gimp as I didn't want to say PS (and still haven't :))

It can if you use graduated nd filters.

The majority of my photos have a bit of post edit work in Lightroom. You still need to get the settings right in the camera to achieve what you want to out of post editing though.

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I'm sure Nige posted a similar video (view from your bivvie?)


Having seen the branches land on his rods, my first thought was why didn't he get them in? then it occurred to me that they (the branches) might have landed on him (or her) :lol:

I like the way the big flash of lightning lights all the alarms up

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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i have been caught out in storms in south France a few times, the first time was at night when i heard a tree go over , it was pitch black at the bottom of a valley , the tree missed by 30 foot , the second time was closer and landed on my van but i saw it coming and had time to move and as i always take a sharp saw (for peg enhancement ) i could cut my van out , squeaky bum time at night though  , was not nice waiting to see if my time was up after i heard the trunk snap in the night !

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