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On 3/20/2018 at 23:49, Dannygooner said:

I just wonder how much someone must hate their home life to want to go fishing in this lol

As much as I love my time on the bank, fishing in those conditions would hold no enjoyment for me at all. Zero. Zilch. 

On a day off, if it was like that, I'd be either tidying my tackle box, making up some new rigs, or be tucking myself under a duvet to watch a film or three.

I'm passionate about angling, but not mad.



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On 24/03/2018 at 21:01, cloud9 said:

Don't get them corks dirty jh .......


21 hours ago, crusian said:

It looks like he's left the wrapping on ! .


First time using them so left it on lol

21 hours ago, crusian said:

Lovely 'photo Jh , but look at that yucky mud ! , I'd get all my kit messy 😱


19 hours ago, ianain said:

Need some carp carpet to put down around them rods :lol:

Everything got caked in mud lol, once I got everything setup and sat down to make a brew I noticed the state of my groundsheet and started wishing I had some carpet lol

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16 hours ago, Dannygooner said:

Nice. Is it tidal?

No, Its a marina/park in a reservior, and a nice, pretty place to fish for a varity of things. There is a bbq place on the water just about 80-100yrds away on the water, and people often throw bread to the ducks and fish from the outside eating area. This attracts carp, and the place is known to have alot of 30Ib+ carp around it, but the area around the resturant is awkward to fish, so I got as close as I could and hoped to attract a few of those my way.

Didn't hook or catch any that size, but caught a decent one, had the hook pull on another, and the one that got cut off, which felt like it was a pretty good size.

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4 minutes ago, carpmachine said:

Hee hee, okay mate.

Hopefully get at least one more. After landing the fish i moved to the opposite side of the lake as the wind turned, second guessing or hoping the fish would follow it. 3hrs of seeing nothing but last 30mins seen about 25 shows to my right about 80yds. If they keep coming to my corner I've got 3 traps nicely set. Come on fish. 

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