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August Catches


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hey, dont worry about me timbo, im still here lol.

got home yesterday but needed to get over the journey, that m25s a killer, it was well worth the drive just to see that smile on your face buddy :wink: just sorry it couldnt be a longer sesh, maybe next time you can arrange that weekend i was talking about, steve would love it :lol:

btw, glad you didnt post that pick of me juggling the carp, that would have got the lefties cooking on gas :lol:

I'm saving that one up for a bloopers thread Jon :)


And I wouldn't have posted it without your permission anyway cos you're right , you'd have been sent back to fishing school with that one . Shame cos it looks to be the biggest fish of the day too.

I may post your piccy with the pretty little mirror lately though :wink:

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Well got my 24hr pass,rolled up to the marshes around dinner to a bright but windy day. I've been doing ok on a few after work sessions so seen no reason to change so settled into my usual swim. After a quick lead around to make sure the weed hadn't crept out over my marks I spodded out a kilo of hemp,chick peas,maize and some chops (krill and i bait) over each spot. It never fishes well of a day so a few fresh rigs was tied while waiting for my mate to turn up. Multi rig pop up and bottom baits had been accounting for my fish,so again no need to change much. Both spots are next to large lillie beds so locked up and sat on my rods was the order of the day. A few hrs in and a fished rolled over my left hand rod and sure enough a big drop back seen me into a fish. Steady pressure seen me guide it into open water and after a spirited fight I was off the mark.



A few pics and a recast and I settled down for a smoke when my right hand rod screamed off resulting in a little common that thought it was 20lb+

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Today I used the methods mentioned in the Snag Fishing thread, pointing the rod directly to the snags and tight line, minimal drop on the indicator for a 13lb Mirror. That fish took an 18mm Seafood Takeaway boilie with a bright orange fruit pop-up.

As the indicator went I struck the fish, got it away from the snags, and it was so off balance it was in the net inside a minute!



It came from just to the left end of the pads in front of the hole in the bushes.



Thought it was pretty enough for a mat photograph :wink:





I did have another fish from the lilies out in front, maybe a couple of pounds on 4grains of sweetcorn topped with a yellow mini pop-up, which didn't get its photo taken, but was also very pretty

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I blanked last night :(


Oh well!


Anyway, Steveo's question of Mat Shots, I split away the replies onto a thread of their own in UK Carp Fishing.

If you need the link it's


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Just the 3 for me this week. I think I would have had more if I didn't have to leave so early today. Even sneaked one out when the car engine was running and all the kit, bar the floater rid of phils, was loaded ready to go!!!!









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Great few days relaxing & fishing .

The creys were seriously hard work again & definitely adds to the challenge at churn.

Managed fish from different areas & was really happy when one of my spots that had only done me two 3am bream screamed off on the last morning with the fish of the trip at 27lb , stuck with it at it payed off .










Also managed to stalk a couple off the top at last knockings ,





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