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Flaming June Catch Reports


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I can't claim credit for the title, it is a chapter in Rod Hutchinson's book The Carp Strikes Back, a very interesting read that will open a lot of eyes to bait and rigs even now :wink:


Anyway, who is going to start Flaming June's Catch Reports?

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I'll kick it off then. After a tough couple of nights on horseshoe in the week, I decided for some more punishment and did a night on the syndicate last night. I got there about 9pm and had these two at 2.30am. As soon as the sun got up this morning, I headed home with the fish in the upper layers. We have banned zigs for a few weeks to encourage members to put a bit of bait in to help them after spawning! Otherwise I would have stopped till tea time!!!!













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Fished a venue last weekend that I haven't visited in a while. Managed this 20lb common




The fish on my local water spawned 2 weeks ago. Thursday I decided to head back down. I had this common within 1 hour of arriving.




I thought my luck was in and the fish were truly on the munch after doing the deed......it wasn't to be, I had to wait 25 hours or so for the next bite, but it was well worth the wait....






39lb and the most brutal scrap I've ever encountered!


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Sup campers, long time no post, not been on the bank since the horseshoe social and nothing on the horizon as yet :cry:


anyhow laddos still pulling a few out , using my gear so this p.b goes down as mine ...right? :mrgreen:




36.10 from his syndicate

Wahay ! How's it 'anging matey ? :)

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Since starting this month off with a couple of fish, I have not been since due to reasons that I won't go into on here but a very worrying time at my syndicate that I bailiff on.

Anyway, we opened the lake yesterday and with me going on holiday tomorrow, I had to get a night in!!!! Got to the lake just on dark and dropped into a swim that is mostly margin fishing. Just after sunrise, I had one to keep the fire burning whilst away!!!





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well in you old hauler, those olld lillies are your best mates but they come with a price.


1 Hook pull :(

The other 2 were my fault :(


Yup they do like hiding just off them pads.

Jim lost 2 with the hook link breaking both times but i've advised him the same as you did for me so he's looking out some braid lol

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