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Nash black ops sawn offs 2lb

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Would these rods be ok for general fishing and coping with large fish? I am very keen on the shorter rods but these are 6' and 2lb . Didn't no if any body has used them or the Nash dwafts in 2lb ?

Thanks guys

 was talking to a bailiff last week who was carrying a Nash Scope black ops and he said that it was the best stalking rod he had ever owned.

he reccons that he pulled a 18lb + carp on it while patroling the lake, as an oportunists rod it wouldnt be beat was his words so take from that what you will. :wink:

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They are great stalking rods that can also be used for general fishing if required but wouldn't say they're a great all rounder having seen them in action, close up fishing is where they excel. The 9 foot ones whilst still being smaller are more suited to general fishing and doubling as a good stalker/small water rods.


After using 9 foot scopes, I picked up some 9 foot rods but decided to pay a little extra and get the Dymag 9 foot rods, custom built on a Harrison blank.

I'm happy with those in 90% of situations vs my 12 foot rods.


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Cheers guys. Still a little unsure tho great fan of the shorter rods. I no the sawn offs black ops are meant for stalking but I was thinking of using for my Carp fishing I never fish at distance it's just the lake I fish has some big fish in 30's 40's so was hoping the 2lb would deal with that size of fish ?

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I use a Wychwood extricator one piece 6ft rod for stalking and for 35 quid is an amazing rod, lovely action and cork handle, team it up with my 2600 and its a great combo, well balanced.

Yep , lovely rod . As is the 9 foot version . Great for the money .

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