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Fox Worrior Euro Full Cork 2.75lb

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I have 3 original fox warriors in 3lb there great rods but i don't think you'll be smashing the sunset with them, i could get about 100yds plus out of mine and my casting is pony at best, so with a good technique you may push 120.  But like Chill said there not distance rods although that would depend on your distance required of course :lol:  

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The Warriors are the 'starter' rods, for regular distance work I would be looking at going for Horizons if you want to stay with Fox.


Everyone is different, I may be able to push a Fox Warrior 100metres, but that is still a huge cast, yet with a better rod I could go to 130m.

Cheaper rods do tend to soften up over time, so when you get them you may be able to hit 100m, yet within maybe two years the rods have softened to the extent you are only hitting 90.


The Warriors are in a generation, so how old they are may make a difference, and how much work or use they have had will also contribute. If they have been regularly used then they could be softer. Just because they have been cleaned and look good does not necessarily mean they are in tip top condition.

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Evening all!


I have chance to get my hands on set of 3 full cork fox worrior euro 2.75lb mint condition and dirt cheap can anyone tell me the maximum casting distance


any info welcome

Just buy them, if they're cheap and you like them you'll be able to cast 100 yds maybe more and you can go to casting school for a day with the lads on here and squeeze some more out of them (and any other rods you buy in your lifetime).

Edit to ask, just how cheap are they?

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