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Horseshoe 2016 social banter

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what time wed nige . still my planned date also. great news mick. just need phil to stop around at work now. lol

I'm on a big traditional lime rendering job which is my main problem as it's a cure & calcification rather than a set & timing between coats is critical & constant monitoring & keeping damp etc . All under the watchful eye of the cotswold district council area of outstanding natural beauty, everything is having to be passed by them as I go . It's just not the sort of work I can leave & go back to .


Is it doing my head in .... oh yes :lol: give me a bag of multi any time :wink:

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Hi all,

Now that this is only a week away, I'm thinking about bait and tactics, not that I haven't tried to think about it before.... :D I've never tackled a water this size before and from what I understand it's usually very weedy, especially at this time of year.

I've never used a marker float before but from what I understand this is almost a must if you want any hope of catching and I've just read of people spending 6 hours finding clear patches. If this is the case, am I best in setting up my 3rd rod with a running lead and float to do this? :?

Now to baiting. I'm going to have to rely on shop bought stuff. I was thinking Cell boilies or Robin Red pellet as I've had some success on this before. I've got a spod rod that I've never used before but will probably get that setup with a spomb before I leave. I'm not really looking at using a spod mix. Will this hamper me at all? :?

Is there any other advice you want to throw my way? I want to make the most of this opportunity to fish such a historic water. Really looking forward to it. :mrgreen:

definitely bring the the spomb mate & marker & don't get hung up on finding a really clear spot , be prepared to fish in amongst the weed or on top of it .

All the lads are great your meet and will share any advice with you on the bank . Hopefully will meet you myself 8)

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so we have some social virgins going then. need someone sensible to look after them this time in case "we don't know who they are " lol


Virgin Alert , Virgin Alert.

What time is the earliest time i can arrive on the Friday.

Ill be in a greyish blue mondeo ..RK60..............looking lost and bewildered .

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I'm off out for a picnic with the boys today watching jo in her rounders final. Then it's back home to prepare bait, stock up the food and brew kit as I don't normally take one! Strip the leaders off the rods and tie up some barbless rigs. Got busy days Monday and Tuesday where I'll be trying to fit a weeks work into two days. Then early doors Wednesday, I'll be on my way!

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