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delkim smart clips

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I've just treated myself to a pack of delkim smart clips and hopefully going to try them out this weekend. My question to you guys is, are they actually worth using as my fear is they will either break off on a heavy cast and i get to watch my nice new shiny clips fly off into the sunset or the clip may become snagged and cause the line to trap during a take and either snap my line or a much worse case scenario and pull my rod in. My next question is do they actually work in terms of better bite indication and can i fish fairly slack lines using them with a light indicator? Any advice or general opinions if you've actually used these clips would be great thank you.

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iv got delk clips. i didnt have problems with line trapping on a take, the line was either in the clip or if it wasnt, the line sits lower and as the line tighten it was clear. the problem i had was ( which ali and tom convinced me wouldnt happen ) was casting,i'l admit, a couple off times i did forget to pull the line out... but frapping up around the clip happen too often for my liking, i never had a crack off , it was always giving line, just it was restricting. i got into the habit of twisting the clip above the rod in the end which solved this... but i got a bit peeved trying to twist them back into lining up...the band wants to ride up or down the rod.......they now sit in my tackle box!!!! 

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