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glow in the dark baits


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Hello again matey :)

I have some luminous gentles but i've never used em although i've seen videos etc so i know they do glow .


I dont know though , whether they are like float fishing night lights that die after a few hours ?

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I don't think i'd be confident using these glowing baits for some reason,that's probably just me though :)

Maybe thats the reason we all seem to have some but never seem to use it .

I know its only words as of yet but if what Frank has said is true , and i have no reason to doubt it , after all Nige has caught during the night with black bait , then Carp eyesight maybe superior to ours and there is no need for glowing bait ?

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My mate gently super-glued a load of maggots (live) to an isotope half inserted into a small piece of rig foam and mounted on a hinged stiffy D rig a couple of inches off the deck. It looked the absolute nuts in the water. He called it the "toxic maggot rig" lol.

Unfortunately the carp weren't so impressed and he didn't get a sniff despite fish being present.

Hence, I never used glow in the dark baits. IMO if there was anything to them then the toxic maggot rig would have caught!! I was tempted to eat it myself it looked so awesome.

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