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I see what your saying boys, but Korda have pushed loads of things over the years..... Doesn't mean you should discredit the KD Rig coz that's all they talked about a few years back. Not using something that (may) bank you more/bonus fish just because Ali bangs on about it is just silly,and bad angling in my opinion

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I fished with a mate about a dozen times over the last 18 months, he puts goo on everything,I use straight out of the bag and have out caught him on every trip,wouldn't use the stuff if you payed me ☺

I see your point Mufty..... But mine was the opposite. The lads on my place use it quite a lot and done well on it with zigs. I started using it on mine and catch rate improved
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One of you guys suggested I buy some goo when we were talking about attractants in pva bags! Turns out the general consensus is nobody likes it lol come on own up who sailed me up the river!? :)


That would be me :mrgreen:


EDIT Didn't sell you up the river. I use it and it works for me :wink:

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I don't myself and there was all the horror stories of all types of nasties in it. But after it being around for a few years I've heard of no fish kills through the use of it


If it was that bad I think we'd of heard something by now and there'd be lawsuits flying around for loss of stock etc.etc


Korda bashers talking complete cobblers Stevo :wink:

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