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Best baitboat on the market

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That's the ones I was ganna get one of them elitheham battery for it

The problem with a lithium battery is that there is no gradual run down of power.


With a ni-cad or lead battery you do get a little indication that the battery is running out with things slowing down. With lithium it just stops.


The reason for this is because if you fully discharge a lithium battery it is knackered so they are designed to just shut off when power reaches a certain level.


I don't know if it will make any difference on a bait boat though; when your boat went flat on you, was there any indication, or did the batteries 'regain' a little power after a while which helped you nudge it to shore?


With a lithium battery you'll get neither.


On the plus side it will work for a lot longer before going flat :wink:

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