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Best baitboat on the market

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not used the mark 3,, but used a viper icon for a few years and to be honest it was very reliable and very well made, only gripe i had with it was battery life was not very good , but found batteries were very cheap on ebay so got a few spares, viper now do a newer model icon with a 2.4 g receiver now so range is improved aswell and battery life improved, if you looking for a boat the new icon is a good shout or the bsa lakstar or the deliverance baitboat there about the best uk boats imo waverunner and microcat are pants

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The lad the had it just bought a new one it was £500 but I got to drive 200 mile so he Said Il take £200 off

If i walk the 35 miles to you Jim will you sell it to me for £265 ?


:) :) :) :)

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There out there you just got to look befor you buy . And if its what it is then its good if not you can go to the nearst town and ave a day out with the misses aye but there is plenty of ppl that will ave you over if they only tx or email and if they don't give me the addres to collect I wont bother :)

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